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Android ADB download is much familiar to you if you have rooted your android device. Android Debug Bridge (ADB) download is a powerful tool designed for flash ROM or android smart phone rooting.  ADB tool for android allows sending commands to android device from PC via USB cable. Android Debug Bridge supports communication with an emulator along with a wide range of terminal commands. Download ADB sends commands of basic Linux shell commands and specially designed developer commands to android phones or tablets.

Your device may be either in recovery mode or in turn ON and booted mode. But ADB download sends commands whatever the mode mobile is in. Therefore download ADB is much easier to use and user-friendly.  Also whether your android device is rooted or modified or unroot, ADB ROM flashing tool is an ideal solution for sending terminal commands. Download ADB supports Windows, OS X and Linux Os. Get ADB download from our site for your android device.

How to Enable Android ADB Debugging

Download Xposed Installer and customize your OS without flashing your device. Download Xposed framework for latest android update.

Android ADB Windows Installation Tutorial

Android ADB Download for Mac OS X Installation

To install ADB for OS X you need to have a specific codes installed first. This script automates the ADB download and installation on Mac.

ADB Download and Android ROM Flash Video Tutorial

Download adb for your android smart phone or tablet and have a guide with our video tutorial for ADB for Mac OSX.

Download adb for Windows - Install ADB for Windows 8.1 Video Guide

Android ADB Basic Commands

ADB push – example (adb push c:\example.apk /sdcard/example.apk)

ADB pull – example (adb pull /system/app/example.apk c:\example.apk)

ADB install – example (adb install c:\example.apk)

adb shell

adb reboot

adb reboot recovery

adb reboot recovery

adb remount

cat - cat /system/app/example.apk > /sdcard/example.apk

rm – example (rm /system/app/example.apk)

cd – example (cd /system/app)

ADB Download Credits

Android ADB Driver credits go to XDA developer team for their commitment and dedication